Our Story

Pura Vida is the spot for good vibes and great food in the heart of south beach. We believe eating healthy is a way of life which is why we created a convenient fast casual dining experience to eat healthy, great-tasting food. Our recipe for creating the deliciously unexpected in simple: wholesome ingredients carefully selected and paired to perfection. 

We strive to buy local and organic whenever available. We believe that health is the main ingredient to happiness and by serving nature's super foods and nutrient rich ingredients, our customers will leave feeling happy and [more] full of life.



Founder and CEO

Omer had a mission to bring consistently delicious food to Miami.  With no formal training in the kitchen, Omer has created a menu that caters to hundreds of clients daily in South Florida.


We are on a mission to raise the bar in Miami by making healthy eating flavorful and filling, one Pura Vida at a time. 

Jennifer Skinner

Director of Marketing

Jennifer put her creative talents into action launching the new brand January 2016. Skinner received her bachelor's degree in marketing from the University of Florida.