Tips on Treating a Hangover

How to Cure a Hangover Without Eating Greasy Food


Sensitive eyes, upset stomach and throbbing headaches. We can all agree hangovers suck. It's miserable! Nobody looks forward to those "Sunglasses and Advil kind of mornings." The truth is we wake up and ask ourselves why we drank. Our family, friends and people on blogs say greasy food is a great way to help a hangover, but what about those of us who don't want greasy food? That's where we come in. Check out our list of things that will help you make it through your hangover.  

— Every person the morning after

Coconut Water

It's a favorite among those who endure the brutal Miami sun to get bronze, but why is coconut water great during a hangover? The answer is simple. It's loaded with electrolytes, which are ions that assist your body with muscle contraction. 

We like to pretend we're sipping our coconut water under palm trees on an exotic beach, but in reality we're wrapped in misery and our covers. 


Ginger Shot or Tea

The magic root works wonders if you have an upset stomach, not to mention ginger is a major ingredient in lots of detoxes. It's recommended to sip on ginger tea if you have stomach issues, especially if it's caused by a hangover, but if you're not a tea person order a shot or two of ginger from the Wellness Bar. Taking a shot all at once may be too much, so sip on your shot. 

The best part is you can order from the Wellness Bar online or have UberEATS deliver it to you while you rest. 

Activated Charcoal Tablets

Like charcoal used in barbecues? No, there's a difference between that one and activated charcoal. It removes toxins in your digestive tract, which is why it's perfect when you have a hangover or upset stomach. Activated charcoal is godsend. 



Loaded with potassium is why bananas are one of the best options to have after a wild alcohol fueled night. If eating seems impossible we got you with our "Sunshine Beach" smoothie, and we can remove the protein for you to make it lighter on your stomach. The sugars from the strawberries and banana will help you recuperate and feel more lively. 

Above everything stay hydrated and rest. After a night of alcohol your body needs liquids and rest. You'll be back to normal before you know it. 

Share with us your hangover remedies, we'd love to read what you do.